Tree Trimming and Pruning

Professional gardener pruning a tree

Having your trees stay healthy and beautiful requires some maintenance. Tree trimming and tree pruning are both are excellent ways of getting your trees that way. Both have their different reasons of necessity, so please read more below to find out which may be the right thing for you. Tree trimming is also useful when you need a hedge trimmer as they are essentially the same thing whereas tree pruning is specifically for trees themselves. Please have a look below to find out more or give us a call or email if you have any questions.

Tree trimming versus tree pruning

Both have a different reason for being done. If your reasoning is to protect the tree or shrub, then tree pruning is what you need. Tree pruning is necessary when you have dead, loose, or infected branches. They are removed to make sure that your tree or shrub continues to grow healthy. If your reasoning is to allow for better growth of your tree, shrub, or hedge, then you require a tree removal service. This is to remove still alive and likely perfectly healthy branches that are overgrown to ensure that the whole plant will receive enough moisture and light. It is also great at shaping your tree or hedge for a better aesthetic appeal. No matter which service you need when you want your tree growing and healthy, we can help take care of them for you.

Our equipment

When it comes to how both of these services are completed, the difference is in the tools of the trade. For Tree pruning, we use shears. They can in two varieties such as hand shears and lopping shears. Hand shears are smaller and are often used to small branches or buds, while lopping shears are for larger, thicker branches. Shears are also used when it comes to trimming trees as well as the idea is the same; only the reasoning differs. However, when it comes to hedges, a specialized hedge trimmer is needed. This is because hedges do require a different method of cutting. No matter what way you need, we have the tools to get it done right.

How Often should you trim or prune?

When it comes to the frequency of having your trees trimmed or pruned that differs slightly. Trees should be trimmed twice a year, whereas trees should be pruned only once a year. When that should be done is entirely depending on the tree itself. Usually, trees should be taken care of in late June after the blooming cycle has begun. However, in the case of a summer flowering tree, these services should be handled in spring or winter. Also, the timing of when you are trimming is vital, as any growth should be trimmed before they reach 1 foot in size.

No matter the service you need, when it comes to tree trimming or tree pruning, you are in good hands when you call us. Please let us know if you need these beautifying services today.