Tree Planting and Transplanting

New Haven Tree Pros - Tree Planting and Transplanting

Tree felling is not the only thing we can do for you. We are arborist after all and taking care of trees is who we are. The same goes for the trees themselves. Young, healthy trees do not need to be destroyed. Often the best thing to do is to move them out of your way. Besides, sometimes you are required by state law to have trees as part of a program to keep our planet growing or healthy. Other times you still like the tree you just want it moved to another spot for an aesthetic purpose. Also, you may have just had that old tree taken away, but long to have the lovely shade and comfort it brought to you back. We can be there to plant new trees on your property no matter what. We are the team of arborist here to help you keep mother nature growing.

Tree planting

Perhaps you had an older tree removed, and you long for a new you. Likewise, you just want to add some trees to your yard, whatever your reason. We can be there to plant new trees on your property in the best places to ensure they work for you, but not get in the way as well. It takes careful planning to ensure that the trees stay healthy and are out of the way from harming the areas around your home. After all, it is a living growing object, and it needs space like any other living thing.

Tree transplanting

Even if you have the trees already on your land, you just want them moved. No matter the reason you wish for your trees moved, we can help you. We take special care that the tree is removed with its main roots intact and that where it is planted that the tree will take root and continue to flourish. There is nothing worse than having a tree replanted only for it to fall over the next time there is a strong wind or to die because it is not getting the proper amount of nutrients it needs from the soil due to too many roots destroyed or removed. Our arborists make sure that the tree is removed correctly, and it will take root and be strong for many years to come. Your trees are in good hands when you call on us to transplant them.

Important for the environment

Tree planting is vital for us to practice as a best practice in saving the environment. We need trees to create that life-giving oxygen we all breath and to scrub CO2 from the air. By planting trees in your property, you are taken steps in the right direction of helping to save our planet. Plus, as we have mentioned before, often, you are required by the state to replant and replace fallen or removed trees as a means to help our planet stay healthy. After all, not only do the trees provide some lovely shade in the summer, but can also invite nature around for your viewing pleasure.

When you need new trees, or your preexisting trees moved, let us know, and we can help you today. Find out much more details about us.